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Local hires should contact their local union for benefits information.

What is a Pipeline Steward Report Form?

A Pipeline Steward Form is to be filled out on a weekly basis by the Job Steward. A form can be provided or if possible the steward can create his or her own form using excel or word as long as they have the following information: AT THE TOP OF THE FORMS: Steward Name, Jurisdictional Local Union, Superintendent, Report Date, Contractor, Week ending date, Project (working yard) location (city, state), County or Counties /State or States, Client/Owner; IN THE BODY OF THE FORM: Teamster Pipeliner’s name, cell phone number, Traveler-T, Name of Equipment Operated, Home Local Union, Hours (week), Pay Rate, Hire date, Term Date.

Why is it necessary that the Steward fills out and submits a Steward Report in a timely manner?

The information on the form gives us another record of where you worked; who you worked for; the equipment you operated and most importantly the hours you worked.

Why is this information necessary when the Contractor already has this information?

First, keeping track of your hours on the Steward Report Form serves as a backup in case there is a dispute on the hours you worked (for pay purposes and benefit contributions). Also, in the past, the Steward Reports were at times, the only record we had when a contractor went into bankruptcy.

Also, having your Name, Cell phone and Equipment recorded greatly improves your ability to secure more work. Often times we’re looking for a driver of a specific type of equipment. If we have this information from a previous Steward Report we can contact you and see if you are available to go to work.

Where can the Steward obtain a copy of the Steward Report Form?

The Steward can find the form to download under Teamsters National Pipeline Downloads.

We encourage stewards who have created their own forms on computers to continue if they have all the information required. This is very helpful for the stewards and saving a lot of time if they work on the computer to keep track of all members working on the spread they are stewarding. It makes it easier to read as information is placed in the database for members who are available to work.

Can a Steward use another Form instead of the one provided on the website?

We prefer Stewards use the form on the website because it has all the information we need. If Stewards do their own version or send in the contractor’s payroll, it often times has personal information and lacks the equipment operated or phone number, so we cannot contact you for work.

What is the incentive for the Steward to use the Steward Report Form?

The Steward receives a premium of $2.25 per hour on top of the Group 1 hourly wage rate.