About the LMCT

Since 1903, the Teamsters labor union has helped millions of workers achieve the American dream. Their success is a testament to those who came before, who united to form a labor movement. These workers fought for the rights and privileges that many Americans take for granted today. For instance, without the solidarity of unions, there would be no weekends, no pensions, and no health insurance.

Improve activities between the IBT and the PLCA and their partners

The LMCT became effective January 1, 2001 between the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (the “IBT”), the Pipe Line Contractors Association (the “PLCA”), and the individuals who agree to serve as Trustees of the Trust.

The primary purpose of LMCT is to improve activities between the IBT and the PLCA and their partners. The Trust coordinates work opportunities; provides worker support; improves efficiency; resolves disputes; provides on-going training and education and much more.

The pipeline construction industry must confront many competitive and technical challenges due to the increasingly hazardous nature of the work, the need for specially-trained IBT members, the extent of government regulation, and the necessity to protect public health and safety.

These challenges are of mutual concern to the IBT and the PLCA but have not always been susceptible to effective resolution through the collective bargaining process.

The General Purposes of the Trust:

To foster better communications and relations between IBT, its affiliates, the PLCA employers and members;

To identify and expand work opportunities in the Industry for members represented by the IBT and its affiliates, as well as for Employers;

To establish, enforce and maintain monitoring systems, in addition to enforcing compliance with governmental rules, regulations and industry standards.

To inform and petition governmental officials on issues affecting the industry and communicate with the public about these issues;

To facilitate the exchange of information among the IBT and its affiliates, the PLCA employers and members concerning all other matters affecting the Industry;

To study and facilitate resolution of problems and matters affecting the Industry. To research, perform studies, collect information, develop procedures and otherwise act to minimize the hazards of the Industry;

To establish alliances with other organizations, trusts, programs and groups to advance mutual interests relating to the Industry;

To develop programs which advance the health and safety of IBT members employed in the Industry and their families, as well as the health and safety of the public affected by the Industry;

To assist in the establishment and maintenance of quality training programs for IBT members employed or to be employed in the Industry. To sponsor seminars, programs, conferences and meetings concerning issues affecting the Industry;

To otherwise implement the purposes and provisions of Labor-Management-Cooperation Act of 1978 (Public Law 95-524).

Event and Class Schedule

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