Steward Responsibilities

What is a Steward Pipeline Project Form?

A Steward Pipeline Project form is to be filled out on a weekly basis by the Job Steward. A form can be downloaded under Teamsters National Pipeline Downloads. He or She can create their own form using
Microsoft Excel or Word as long as they use the following information:

  • Steward Name (John Doe)
  • Local Union or Unions Jurisdiction: (250)
  • Superintendent Name: (Bill Knight)
  • Date of Report (3/8/2019)
  • Week Ending Date (3/2/2019)
  • Contractor: (Latex)
  • Project Name: Nexus
  • Pipeline Project
  • County/State: (Sandusky, Erie, Huron, Ohio)
  • Project Description, (85 miles of 42inch pipe
  • Client/Owner: (Enbridge)


  • Teamster’s name (alphabetical last name, first name, middle initial)
  • Cell phone number
  • Traveler-T=Yes
  • Name of Equipment Operated
  • Home Local
  • Hire Date
  • Term Date
  • Hours (for the week)
  • At the bottom of the report Job Complete (?) Yes or No
Why is it necessary that the steward fills out and submits a steward report in a timely manner?

The information on the form gives us another record of where you worked; who you worked for; the equipment you operated and most importantly the hours you worked. The form is to be sent to the Building Material & Construction Trade Division of the IBT. Please email reports to: Matt Esserman at or fax to (202) 624-8107 Matt reports directly to Mr. Marion Davis, the Director of the Division. A copy maybe sent to the local union if requested.

Why is this information necessary when the contractor already has this information?
  • First, keeping track of each person and their hours worked serves as a backup.
    • In case there is a dispute regarding the hours of work for pay purposes and benefit contributions.
    • The Steward Reports have at times been the only record available when a contractor went into bankruptcy.
    • Having Names, Cell Phones, and Equipment recorded will give a contact list to help secure more work in the future for Teamster members.
What are the other responsibilities that Steward have?
  • The Steward Pipeline Project Form must be filled out once a week and sent to the IBT. The payroll reports from the contractor is not a steward report. No Social Security numbers are to be used.
  • Before hiring a member the Steward must verify that the member’s dues are current and they are in good standing with their home local.
  • Stewards are responsible for seeing the members CDL drivers license, Current Medical Card, and Social Security Card.
  • Steward needs to be able to establish if the member is identified as a Traveler or Local Hand prior to orientation.
  • Know and have a copy of the National Pipeline Agreement.
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