Training Funds


The Agreement and Declaration of Trust establishing the Teamsters National Pipeline Training Fund was made in 1994 between the International Brotherhood of Teamsters AFL-CIO, and the Pipeline Contractors Association.

The terms “Union” and “IBT” represent the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The term “Association” and “PLCA” represent the Pipe Line Contractors Association.

The training of drivers to perform work in the pipeline industry in a proficient and safe manner is a matter of mutual concern to the Union and the Association. The Union and the Association have negotiated a collective bargaining agreement, calling for contributions to defray costs for drivers employed in the pipeline industry.


The Training Fund is intended to be used to defray expenses for developing the proficiency and skills of drivers in the pipeline industry, including but not limited to: developing or providing training upgrades, apprenticeship programs and safety training, along with other training and related programs.


The Board of Trustees is composed of six (6) Trustees of which three (3) are Union Trustees, and three (3) are Employer Trustees. An individual may serve as a Trustee, while serving as an officer or employee of the Union, or of an Employer.

Event and Class Schedule

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