Login FAQ

How do create a new member account?

Please visit this page and fill out the application form with all of your information to request your account. A rep from Teamsters National Pipeline will verify your information, create your account and contact you to let you know it has been completed and access granted.

I have signed up online for a member account, but have not received confirmation. What’s next?

If it has been over 72 business hours since you’ve submitted your online form, please give us a call at (703) 508-8690. If not, please allow time for our team to create the account and get back to you.

I have been denied access, why?

You must be a member of your Teamsters Local in order to apply. Non-Teamsters Members are not qualified, please join your local and reach back out to become a member with us.

Why do I need a member account?

By becoming a member, you’re able to list your work status and expertise so that our team can reach out to you when new jobs arise that you may be qualified for. Without an account with your current work status and information, we will not contact you for job opportunities.

Event and Class Schedule

There are currently no scheduled classes.