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Consumers Energy releases little turtles rescued from Mid-Michigan Pipeline Project
Consumers Energy releases little turtles rescued from Mid-Michigan Pipeline Project

Two dozen tiny turtles are now back in their natural habitat after being rescued during Consumers Energy’s Mid-Michigan Pipeline Project construction.

The energy provider said on Monday the turtles came from the eggs of adult female turtles removed from the pipeline path. Chelsea-based Herpetological Resource and Management (HRM) incubated and nurtured them with help from Sea Life Michigan Aquarium.

Children of Consumers Energy employees recently joined the turtle release in Ingham County.

“It’s become something of a tradition for us at Consumers Energy to release turtles back into the wild each year, and we’re proud to do our part to preserve them as part of our commitment to sustainable construction practices,” said Brandon Hofmeister, Consumers Energy’s senior vice president of strategy, sustainability and external affairs. “We’re conscious of our role in protecting Michigan’s wildlife and are committed to efforts like this because we know it’s right for our customers, the communities we serve, and the planet.”

Consumers Energy said they released 56 turtles rescued during the project. The energy provider continued stating that HRM rescued and incubated 24 turtle eggs.

Consumers Energy has worked with HRM since 2009 to protect and manage wetland wildlife along the path of its construction projects.

“Over the course of two years on the Saginaw Trail Pipeline, Consumers Energy and HRM saved more than 30 Blanding’s Turtle eggs before returning mature juveniles to the habitat after construction was completed and rescued/relocated nearly 30,000 amphibians and reptiles out of the construction pathway,” Consumers said in a statement.


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