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LMCT Helping With Storm Relief Efforts

Our Fund Co-Chairs, with approval from Jim Beall, made a late Friday decision to use our LMCT resources to deliver supplies to some remote areas in Texas. 

David, Mike L., and Gus coordinated all of this with some PL contacts in Texas. Gus and his wife picked up all the drinking water the trailer could safely transport and headed to some rural churches near Jacksonville, TX.

There are efforts in big cities like Houston and Dallas by a lot of different groups. In fact, the IBT Disaster Relief Division has Tractor-Trailers from several Teamster Locals currently working in these areas.

After talking to some of our PLCA Friends and Employers, we learned that there are some rural areas that needed immediate help. As for now, that is our goal.

We hope we can get near Sherman, TX soon.

One severe issue they’re facing is that they have to go to other states that were not affected to get the water. Gus got this load from a Kroger in Kentucky.

We’ll keep you all posted as this effort continues.

Thanks go to Gus and his wife as well as Mike and David for coordinating this first round late Friday.

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