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Over 12,000 Trucks Put Out of Service in Roadcheck Inspection Blitz

More than 12,000 vehicles were placed out of service due to critical inspection violations during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck in June.

Of the 67,072 inspections conducted during the three-day inspection event June 4-6, the 12,019 trucks removed from roadways for violations represents a 17.9% overall vehicle out-of-service rate.

During the Roadcheck, 2,784 drivers were also placed out of service for driver-related violations.

This is an improvement from last year’s International Roadcheck, which saw 21.6% of vehicles and 3.9% of drivers put out of service.

The event took place across the U.S. and Canada, and this year’s area of emphasis was on steering suspension systems. Inspectors identified 408 steering and 703 out-of-service vehicle conditions.

The most common out-of-service violation was for braking system related items, with 4,578 total violations. Tires and wheels were the next common violation, followed by brake adjustments, cargo securement, and lighting devices.

The most common violation that placed drivers out of service was related to hours of service at 1,179 violations or 37.2% of the total. The next most common driver out of service conditions were wrong class license and false logs. Inspectors also discovered 748 seat belt violations.

Enforcement personnel inspected 3,851 commercial motor vehicles transporting hazardous materials/ dangerous goods during the International Roadcheck. There were 527 hazardous materials/dangerous goods vehicles with out-of-service conditions or 13.7% of the total. The most commons reasons for being placed out of service were for loading, shipping papers, placarding and markings.

During International Roadcheck, CVSA-certified inspectors conduct large-scale, high-visibility roadside inspections of commercial trucks and buses and their drivers. These inspections occurred at inspection sites, weigh stations and roving patrol locations along roadways throughout the 72-hour enforcement initiative. Inspectors performed Level I, II, or III inspections.

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