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Proposed carbon dioxide pipeline in ND could be rerouted
Proposed carbon dioxide pipeline in ND could be rerouted

The carbon dioxide pipeline proposed to run north of Bismarck could be rerouted.

This week, a representative for Summit Carbon Solutions said an alternative route to the south of Bismarck will be presented to the Public Service Commission this month. The Bismarck City Commission voted unanimously to oppose the pipeline’s proposed northern route.

Landowners like former Bismarck mayor Steve Bakken say that route could be dangerous.

”What happens if that pipeline ruptures north of Bismarck in the summer on a Saturday afternoon? The river is full. So, that’s a dangerous situation,” said Bakken.

Landowners are also concerned with eminent domain. Summit has filed eminent domain lawsuits in South Dakota and Iowa, but not in North Dakota.

A spokesman for Summit has said “more than 2,700 landowners have signed 4,400 voluntary easement agreements” along the route. They say this represents an “overwhelming” level of support for the project.


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